Design Gateway Hierarchy e-Training


Zuken e-Training courses are web-based and self-paced, allowing students to choose their own timing for learning and easily fit coursework in their busy schedules. Throughout this interactive course, narrated PowerPoints and AVIs, along with quizzes, ensure learners will stay engaged so that information is better absorbed and retained.

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Web-based, self-paced training


Estimated time: 1 hour online, 1-2 hours offline (times may vary depending on the individual)

Design Gateway installation and environment/data setup required to perform offline tasks.


  • Introduction to Design Gateway
    • HierarchyHierarchy Design Overview and Structure
    • Hierarchy Models
    • Design Gateway Hierarchy Tools Overview
    • Design Operation Settings for Hierarchy
  • Top Down and Button Up Design ProcessTop Down vs. Bottom Up
    • Top Down Design Process Defined
    • Bottom Up Process Overview
    • Placing Blocks
    • Block Symbol and Circuit Storage
    • Navigation Between Hierarchy Levels
    • Viewing Hierarchy in the Design Tree View
  • Modification to Blocks, Definitions and Instances
    • Editing an Existing Block Symbol
    • Updating Definition Circuits
    • Reflecting Changes to the Instance Circuits
    • Global Symbols
  • Miscellaneous Details
    • Instance Labels
    • Set Page Number
    • Circuit Reference Allocator
    • Printing