Harness Builder for E3.series e-Training


Zuken e-Training courses are web-based and self-paced, allowing students to choose their own timing for learning and easily fit coursework in their busy schedules. Throughout this interactive course, narrated PowerPoints and AVIs, along with quizzes, ensure learners will stay engaged so that information is better absorbed and retained.

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Web-based, self-paced training

Time: estimated 4 hours online


  • Database Training
    • Getting to know E3.series
    • Sheets
    • Attributes
    • Connectors
    • Cables and Wire Groups
    • Dynamic Components
    • Splices
    • Cable Protection
  • Project Building
    • Basic E3.series Functionalities
    • Sheets
    • Formboard Harness Building
    • Schematic Drawings
  • Harness Builder Tool Set
    • BOM
    • Wiretables
    • Splice Tables
    • Label Machine Outputs
    • Import To-From List from Excel
    • Cut Mark Strip Output